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közös gyógyszer ára a gyógyszertárban
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Continuing to deliver… Partnership services and the virus situation…a statement We have been in the remote working, web based business since the beginning of the internet and our project teams, and Partnership engagements, have always been remotely serviced. We will continue this mode of operation.

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SocEntEastMIds clients can expect their web services, business advice and business development infrastructure donated by the Partnership to continue as normal. Our web business, Thirdsectorwebhas all the durablility and resilience employed from many years of experience.

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Our server network, suppliers and support teams all report no lag to service provision during the current crisis. We foresee no change in this provision as long as the national infrastructure does not stutter. Our book business, booksgowalkaboutis the most affected by the current crisis.

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We will continue to publish all our current information and review sites, as well as maintain our remote support közös gyógyszer ára a gyógyszertárban contacts with schools, communities and publishers etc. However, our extensive programme of book events, author travel and workshops, both in the UK and overseas, are all subject to postponement.

As are the major international book fairs, from which we traditionally draw new contacts and project ideas, to foster the international part of our Partnership activity.

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Again, we will use our web connections to maintain contact and support to colleagues in other countries and communities in the UK. Keep safe and we wish only the best for all family and friends around the globe.

You can read about közös gyógyszer ára a gyógyszertárban literature for children, as well as Partnership activity across the globe to support our project aims. Welcome back!

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Our authors were fantastic. Happy to donate time and resources to talk about projects any time.

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Find us here… We are a diverse, remote and connected group of long time associates in our sectors — with strong contact books across the piece, with repeat business from our clients sustaining our social aims and outputs.

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